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December 05, 2007


wholesale apparel

My obsession with dresses started when I was still on my teenage years. My mom always gives me presents from her vacation coming from Paris. Every time I wore those dresses, my teenage friends would give complements which bring unexplainable emotions. Since then I always sees to it that I am presentable and that I am wearing clothes that can be highly appreciated by everyone around me.

I never realized that still I would be carrying it till the day I became married. It comes like sickness but that's not the point. Every week I would tell my husband to accompany me in buying new sets of clothes, and it became a habit. Harold, my husband would sometimes give his comments and observations with my habit, but I can't do anything until it reached at the point where I was longing and craving for expensive dresses. I knew in myself that it is quite alarming considering the fact that I already have 2 sons and 1 daughter, where I do not think much of myself rather give them to my child.

One time when Harold was browsing the web looking for something he was redirected to a website all about wholesale fashion wears, wholesale apparel in particular, his attention was captivated with this particular line "fashion without the price tag". The next day, he let me check out the website then I look at it on different angles. I have found out that the online store was offering such great fashion wearable's at a surprising low price. I have ordered samples in a bundle of six, and yes, I was convinced.

The next week we check all the credentials of the online wholesale dresses store and we are so impressed with what we have found out. The online store has a good reputation in wholesaling. I have learned something, which in life the good thing usually comes in cheap packages.

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